In order to deliver exceptional dental care, our dentist and team employ cutting-edge technology for accurate evaluations and diagnoses of your oral health. Among the advanced tools Dr. Leland Judd and our team use is a 3D panoramic scanner. While traditional X-rays offer limited views, such as bitewing X-rays providing insights into a few teeth and surrounding structures, 3D panoramic scanners empower us to capture comprehensive images of the entire oral cavity and adjacent facial structures.

3D panoramic scanners are not only efficient in capturing images, but also comfortable for patients. The scanner rotates smoothly around the head, capturing high-definition images rapidly. These images provide our dental professionals with detailed insights into your oral health, enabling personalized treatment plans tailored to your needs.

Using a 3D panoramic scanners, our dentist can perform a broad range of assessments and treatments, including:

  • Orthodontic Assessment: We can assess the need for orthodontic intervention and monitor treatment progress effectively.
  • Impacted Teeth Diagnosis: Identification of impacted wisdom teeth and other teeth affected by impaction is made more precise.
  • Periodontal Disease Evaluation: Analyzing the development of periodontal disease becomes more comprehensive, aiding in better treatment planning.
  • TMJ Disorder Diagnosis: We can evaluate the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) thoroughly and diagnose any related disorders.
  • Oral Cancer Detection: Early detection of oral cancer is facilitated, enhancing chances of successful treatment.
  • Dental Implant Planning: Precise planning of dental implant placement is achieved, leading to better outcomes.
  • Cavity and Dental Problem Diagnosis: Cavities, tooth decay and other dental issues can be diagnosed accurately.
  • Trauma Assessment: The extent of dental or facial trauma can be evaluated efficiently.
  • Detection of Abscesses, Cysts and Tumors: Potential abscesses, cysts or tumors can be identified promptly for timely intervention.

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