Intraoral cameras are an indispensable tool in modern dentistry, offering an unparalleled perspective into the intricate landscape of your oral health. Resembling a slender pen, this device provides Dr. Leland Judd with a window into areas of your mouth that might otherwise be impossible to view. By using an intraoral camera, our skilled dentist can capture high-resolution, full-color images of your teeth, gums and other oral structures, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your oral health needs.

The compact and maneuverable nature of intraoral camera allows our dentist to explore angles and regions within the mouth that are challenging to access. This enhanced visibility enables prompt identification and diagnosis of various dental conditions, ranging from common issues like tooth decay and periodontal disease to more intricate problems such as cracked or chipped teeth. Moreover, the utility of the intraoral camera extends beyond diagnosis, proving invaluable in post-treatment evaluations, ensuring the efficacy and longevity of dental interventions.

Beyond its clinical applications, the intraoral camera serves as a powerful educational tool, fostering a deeper understanding of oral health among patients. The captured images are transmitted instantly to a nearby monitor, where you can view them alongside our dentist to gain insight into your oral health and dental condition, empowering you to actively participate in treatment decisions. Furthermore, these images can be shared with other dental professionals and specialists and submitted to insurance companies, facilitating seamless collaboration and streamlining administrative processes.

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