Dental bridges stand as a reliable solution for those missing one or more adjacent teeth. Crafted as a fixed, or nonremovable, dental restoration, a dental bridge seamlessly integrates into your smile, offering stability and durability.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

When considering a dental bridge, our experienced dentist may highlight several benefits tailored to your unique dental needs:

  • Restoring Functionality: By bridging the gap left by missing teeth, a dental bridge facilitates normal speech, eating, and chewing functions, empowering you to enjoy your favorite foods without discomfort or inconvenience.
  • Balancing Bite Pressure: A dental bridge helps distribute bite pressure evenly across neighboring teeth, alleviating excess stress on the bite and preventing potential complications such as TMJ disorders or uneven wear on remaining teeth.
  • Preserving Facial Structure: Missing teeth can lead to facial sagging or loss of volume over time. By filling in the gap, a dental bridge helps maintain the natural shape and contour of your face, promoting a more youthful appearance.
  • Eliminating Removable Alternatives: Dental bridges offer a permanent solution, eliminating the need for removable partial dentures. This not only enhances comfort but also provides greater confidence in daily activities.
  • Preventing Dental Drift: Left unchecked, adjacent teeth may gradually shift into the space left by missing teeth, leading to misalignment. A dental bridge effectively prevents this dental drift, preserving the alignment of your smile.
  • Enhancing Aesthetic Appeal: Beyond functional benefits, a dental bridge enhances the visual appeal of your smile, restoring its natural beauty and symmetry.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

Bridges consist of one or more prosthetic teeth, which are anchored in place through the use of dental crowns on the teeth to either side of the gap. Bridges may also be anchored in place through the use of dental implants. It typically requires two appointments to complete a bridge – one at which the teeth are prepared and impressions taken, and a second at which the final bridge is anchored into place to restore your smile.

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